Q. Are you the low cost provider?

A. No, and we do not attempt to be. We are not a transfer mill. Our goal is to take our time and with great care provide quality digital images that can be preserved for generations to come. We believe we provide the best value.

Q. Can we see a sample of your work?

A. Absolutely. Send us a reel of film and a check for $10.00 to cover media costs and return shipping and we will transfer a portion of the reel and provide a VHS tape for your review.

Q. Will the transferred images be as good as the original film?

A. There are a lot of variables, not the least of which are the age and condition of the film, the quality of the movie camera used to shoot the film originally, the adequacy of the lighting when the film was shot, etc. We cannot take a frame that was out of focus when originally shot and put it back into focus. We are limited by the film. We are also making a copy, and not re-creating the original. But we can take a scene which was under exposed and enhance it so it is more visible, and make other adjustments to improve the quality of the images.

Q. Have you ever had film lost or damaged in transit?

A. No. Perhaps it could happen one day, but it hasn't yet. Not so much as a scratch. We suggest UPS or FedEx or a similar service that tracks the shipment every time it changes hands/trucks/facilities until it is delivered. We provide suggestions with our quote as to how you should pack and ship your film.

Q. What geographic area do you serve?

A. We serve the entire U.S. - from North to South and East to West. If we haven't served all fifty states, we have come very close. A large portion of our business has always come from the West Coast (more sunshine means more movies!).

Q. Will my film be returned?

A. Of course, and hopefully in as good or better condition than when we received it. Please be assured that we will treat your film as if it was our own.

Q. What if my film is moldy or damaged?

A. Let us look at it. We clean all film, and this should remove the mold. If the emulsion has been damaged by the mold, however, it cannot be repaired. But it may still be possible to capture a reasonable image worth preserving. Other types of damage will have to be assessed. There are options for some problems, and not for others. If we are concerned that processing may further damage the film, we will talk to you first. We reserve the right to simply return the film if we believe it is beyond our ability to repair.

Q. Can I do the editing myself?

A. Yes! Absolutely. If you have a digital camcorder and some basic editing software for your computer, you can have a great time. We would be happy to assist you.

Q. Everyone talks about trying to eliminate or at least minimize flicker. Do you have flicker problems?

A. We have no flicker whatsoever. As we are capturing each individual frame, our process is flicker free.

Q. Is there any type of content you won't transfer?

A. We will not process material that has a copyright without permission of the copyright owner. And, if you have materials that by any stretch of the imagination could be considered pornographic, don't even think about us. We reserve the right to refuse any order where we have concerns about the legality or legal purpose of the materials.