MOVIE TRANSFER PRICING (See Our Video Tape Services for Tape Pricing)

We quote each order individually taking into account the quantity of the film and our schedule. As a guide, the pricing for quick turnaround runs about $12.00 per each 50ft of film, but good discounts are
always quoted when we can schedule the order over a period of time to balance our workload. Our pricing also includes many useful services not normally provided by other companies. For example:

Previews - Our pricing includes a Preview (Tape or DVD) so you can see what the film transfer looks like. This allows you to check the order of the reels, request any re-arrangement of scenes, and decide upon the titles you want. We can then complete the job and you will know exactly what you are receiving.

Music - Our pricing includes our stock music. If you would like to add your own music from your own CDs or tapes, we are glad to do that, too, for no additional charge.

Titles - There is no charge for any number of basic titles of one screen each - be as creative as you wish.

DVD - One set of DVDs is included. Additional DVD copies are $10 for each disc in the set (or $20 for a 2 disc set; $30 for a 3 disc set, etc.)

Media Charge - Each quote includes a minimal charge to cover the cost of disks and supplies used.

Custom Editing - $36.00/hour. We usually do not charge for small editing requests that we can do in an hour or so. If there is a major and/or unusual request that will take more time we will quote that separately and in advance of doing the additional work.

Shipping and Handling - Included in the quoted price unless otherwise noted.

Other - We are happy to provide a trial sample of our work. Send a reel of film and $10.00 to cover supplies and return shipping and we will transfer a few minutes to a tape or DVD (your choice) so you can judge the quality of our work before making a decision to proceed.