Our Movie Film Transfer Process

Our approach is to capture each individual frame of the film as a pure digital image, which is saved to a computer file. The individual images are then reassembled and edited to match the original running speed of the film. This then becomes the master digital file that we use for all purposes.

We then prepare a Preview (either a VHS tape or a Preview DVD, as you prefer) and a miniDV tape from the master digital file. The Preview is sent to you to be sure the reels are in the proper order, and so you can decide on the titles you wish to use. The Preview is yours to keep. There is no charge for switching the order of the reels or for adding titles. The miniDV tape is used for our backup purposes only, and is sent to you when the job is complete. The DVDs are
always made from the master digital file and never from a tape media.

Our Movie Film Transfer Services

We specialize in the transfer of Regular 8mm film and Super 8 film to movie DVDs or, if you wish to do the editing yourself and prepare your own movie DVDs, to a variety of digital media such as miniDV tape, data DVDs, or to an external hard drive that you supply.

We do not transfer 16mm film, although we can arrange to have it done , and we also do not transfer sound film, although we can do small quantities of Super 8mm sound in a pinch.

While 8mm movie film is our primary business, we also have a range of transfer services we can provide on a limited basis, primarily when needed to add to a movie presentation, such as 35mm Slides, VHS tape, 8mm video tape, photo scans, CDs, reel to reel tape, etc.

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