How to Proceed....

For Movie Film:
The best way is to find those reels in the closet and take a little inventory - you will need a rough count of the reels for anyone from whom you might be requesting a quote and an idea of the reel sizes by diameter. The most common sizes are: 3" (50 ft); 5" (200 ft); 6" (300 ft) and 7" (400 ft).

Then send us an email with the number and size of the reels, such as: 12 - 3 inch reels; 5 - 7 inch reels, etc. You can do that right here - just
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If, for whatever reason, you are unable to provide a count of the reels, we will be happy to give you a rough estimate, to be refined later, based on the footage, or the approximate running time,

We will respond promptly with a quote tailored to your particular job, and also answer any questions you might have..

For Video Tape:

Much the same - let us know the quantity and type of tape you have and the level of services you want. We will respond with a detailed quote.
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