Converting Video Tape to DVD (or other digital media)

We convert the following tape: VHS, VHSC, miniDV, Hi8, and Digital8.

Basic DVD Service for VHS tapes

If you have VHS or VHSC tapes that you wish to preserve on DVD without any titles or editing - just a simple conversion of the tape to a DVD, we can do that for you. We will convert them for $15.00 each, regardless of the length of the tape, priint a description (that you supply) on the face of the DVD, and put it in a nice case. We usually can turn these around within a week to ten days.

Full Service Tape Transfer

Our full service is to prepare a digital master from which we can edit the images, re-balance the color, add whatever titles you would like to see, edit out any blank spots (or any areas you tell us to remove), and then prepare a DVD.

Our pricing for this service is $35.00 for up to two hours of tape, and one-half that amount per hour ($17.50 prorated) for tapes longer than two hours. This includes DVD preparation. We limit DVDs to a maximum of two hours. If a tape runs longer than two hours, than two DVDs will be prepared.

Full Service with Preview

Same as above but for an additional $20.00 we will prepare a Preview DVD for you to review and make changes, or add titles, etc. We will do as many previews as you wish and make as many changes as you wish for $20 for each Preview before we make the final DVD. This is ideal if you have a tape you would like to have edited from, say, a family reunion, a wedding, or other event, or if you would like to take segments from a group of tapes and put them into one presentation.

Other Requests?

Want to do your own editing? Run you thoughts by us. We can digitize the tapes for you and we are glad to offer whatever advice we can. Other ideas? Let us know. We are happy to try most anything.